Heidi Ott is a singer/songwriter from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania who went to Ireland for a short visit that somewhat unexpectedly turned into a very long one.  After exploring her secret passion for singing during her time in the country, she made a recording as a keepsake to take back to the States. Soon after her return home an Irish producer came across the recording, and reached out to Heidi with an invitation to collaborate…

At that time Heidi was mourning the loss of her father. A leap of faith brought her back to Ireland, where she channeled her grief into the creation of her debut album, Chantepleure, which means, “to sing and cry at the same time”. Chantepleure has been described as “dark, with a lot of light shining through”. The album was recorded in the wild and comforting landscape of West Cork.  Heidi credits the place and the musical community she found there with helping her to heal and to make the album she’d always dreamed of making.  Heidi has been touring domestically and internationally for the last four years with her long time friend and guitar player Joel Zingone. While her concerts are intimate and filled with original music, she can also keep up with a weekend pub crowd by playing covers sprinkled with her unique twist, in addition to her own works. Heidi was the supporting act for Martin Sexton in 2016. Music from Chantepleure will be featured in Daniel Roebuck’s upcoming film “Getting Grace” which will be released in 2017.

Chantepleure is available for purchase through all major online music outlets.